Being a member of Fribest industry Group, Fribest Info Technology Co., Ltd specializes in designing, producing and marketing of top quality fishing reels and accessories, under the brand Gomexus.
In 2006, we put trolling and jigging reels into US market, targeting “anglers who needs top quality reels but don’t want to pay extra just for the image of logos of top brands”. At that time, Gomexus began to be so popular, esp among the captains running charter business. Currently we have reels ranging from 15W to 130W, with max strike from 30lbs-170lbs, covering most of sea monsters which anglers chasing after.
Due to the steady demand of the quality reel parts, Gomexus launched power knobs and handles series into the market in 2016, it became so well-accepted in the every market Gomexus stepped, currently you can find full sets of the reel knobs and handles for 99% of top brands reels under direct and drill fitment, with more than 100 different options based on sizes and colors.
To make sure the customer enjoying a top quality product as well as buying experience, 100% of the reels and accessories are produced by Gomexus, and a 24 hour response, 60 days return, and 360 days warranty are offered.
We are sure the only way to develop a business is to explore and understand customer demands, please just to contact us if you have any questions and ideas.